"Bob Marley" Google Chrome Theme

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Bob Marley
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Bob Marley (from the #Music category)
Date created 11/24/2009
Downloaded 303 times
Category #Music
Bob Marley.

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How to Download & Apply a Google Chrome Theme

To download and apply a Google Chrome Theme it is recommend you browse this site using Chrome itself. When you have found a theme you wish to use click the "Apply" button. Your theme will be prepared as a download and within a few seconds Chrome will give you the option to "Continue" (in the bottom-left corner). Your theme will then be applied!

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Please note: We are currently only providing basic Chrome themes with a standard image background (one size). We are a new site and constantly under development. Please check back in a week or two when we should have a great deal more functionality, such as image sizing, color schemes, and who knows what else.